Sunday, May 29, 2011


About three weeks ago I was able to deliver the two models to the foundry. This after I got the stainless steel inserts for the fountation ready. The will be cast in to the aluminium. The inserts were fabricated by Nybro Rör och Mekaniska. A small mechanical workshop located in Nybro, about 20 km from my studio. Many thanks to Bengt Selander and the other guys at the shop.
These are the people making it happen at the foundry, Mönsterås Metall. We decided to cast the smaller star in a slghtly harder quality of aluminium. I plan to polish it and the harder surface will make it easyer to polish. The thickness of the goods will be roughly 20 mm.
I got a call from Jan this week telling me they have casted both stars. They are now delivered to another shop were the halves will be welded together.

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